PO Box 1105, Chautauqua, NY 14722 ~ Email: ARM@ARMissions.org
Building began in 2014 and continues as funds are vailable. Thank you for your part!!
ARM joins Pastor Bernato and the Galette School Board in the building of a new school in Haiti.

Click _____ or on the page below to read the full brochure and also print it to "pass the word." Join the excitement with your financial support, prayer support and on future construction teams.
October 2015
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Thank you for joining us!
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Fence completed 2014. Well drilled spring 2015
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  1. donation in honor/memory of someone
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Busy pavillion-style classrooms of original school. As of 2017, the pre-K and K classes are still held here.
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December 2015
June 2016
February 2016
September 2016
Side A is completed! School started September 5, 2017.
Funds for Side B are limited - the "old" school is still being used.
November 2019. Rebar in forefront in hopes for building of "Side B"
May 2021. Palm trees are growing & so are the children!