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Donation and Ministry Questions:

Q: How are the funds used that I donate?
ARM has made a promise to its donors that 100% of the money that they designate to a specific task will be used for that purpose. ARM is focused on using its donated funds wisely and for the ultimate goal of showing the love of Jesus Christ.

Q: How many paid employees work for ARM?
ARM is a completely volunteer group with no paid staff. All of the individuals involved in ARM ministries give freely of their time and resources to the glory of Jesus Christ.

Q: When I give a monetary gift, will I get a receipt for tax purposes?
Yes, no matter how large or small your gift, you will be sent a thank you receipt indicating the gift amount received by ARM. Due to IRS tax laws, donors are encouraged to give gifts by writing a check or via credit card through PayPal or the PayPal Giving Fund so there is a traceable record for their giving.
All funds donated via PayPal or PayPal Giving Fund will be placed in ARM's General Fund for use where needed most.  To designate your donation, please e-mail ARM your preferences.

Q: How are fees, mailing costs and other operating expenses covered by ARM?
ARM has made a promise to its donors that 100% of the money donated will be used for the ministry-focus designated by the giver. ARM has created a fund for those desiring to help in the administrative-related costs that incur in all organizations (insurance, postage, printing, etc.). Administrative costs of the ministry are paid for out of this designated ministry fund. Many volunteers of ARM have agreed to cover some of the administrative expenses out of their own finances as the Lord has blessed them. ARM is very thankful for the dedication of its Board of Directors and members as they have answered God's call to service in resources, time and money.

Q: How do I know that ARM is financially accountable in its actions?
Financial statements are available to all who request. ARM has been sensitive to maintaining financial accountability by separating the position of the Treasurer, who writes the checks, and the position of the Financial Secretary, who deposits all moneys. All incoming and out-going money transactions are recorded and verified. ARM's financial books are reviewed by an independent accountant and a financial report open to the public is created every year.

Q: How often does the Board of Directors meet? What is its function?
The ARM Board of Directors meets at least quarterly and more often if deemed necessary for timely projects. The function of the Board is to oversee all aspects of ministry, including setting policies, voting on budgetary issues and planning ministry activities. Unlike "typical" boards, the ARM Board of Directors is an active board in which many of the directors also hold additional positions within the organization, coordinating activities, leading mission teams and partaking in current project activities.

Q: If I give my home address, e-mail address or phone number to ARM will they remain private?
ARM respects an individual's right to privacy; therefore, we do not sell, rent or give out, in any way, our mailing list to other individuals or groups. This list is closely guarded, even within the ARM ministry.

Short-term Mission Trip Questions:

Q: Do I need to be a member of a certain church to join an ARM mission team?
ARM is a multi-denominational organization; you do not need to be a member of a specific church or denomination. The only requirement to join an ARM mission team is that you are willing to work for the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as you serve others on the mission field. If you are not sure if Jesus Christ is your personal Savior, you are encouraged to search for His love and forgiveness through reading the Bible, asking questions of and working alongside fellow team members. ARM mission trips are not a time for proselytizing, but searching ones own heart and listening to His leadings in your life. ARM mission trips include a worship and evangelistic component through evening devotions and prayer (and possible church services); it is not mandatory that everyone teaches, however, team members are required to attend all team activities.

Q: How are funds raised to pay for the team projects?
ARM relies heavily on its faithful donors and fundraising events. ARM teams set up fundraising events throughout the year to raise money to cover their specific team project costs which may include purchasing medications, building supplies and or vacation Bible school supplies.

Q: How are the costs of flights and room/board paid for?
Team members are responsible for raising their own trip support which includes the cost of airfare, transportation, accommodations, meals, and etc. Trip costs are highly dependent upon the destination of the trip. Team members are encouraged to contact their local church, family, friends and more for financial help and prayer support.

Q: How is political unrest or other concerning issues addressed by an ARM team traveling outside the US?
ARM travels to foreign countries for mission trips under the umbrella of other mission organizations that have in-country missionaries (i.e. Servants in Fellowship, TEAMS for Medical Missions). These career missionaries along with their mission boards carefully monitor in-country situations and keep team safety paramount in their decisions in allowing teams to enter the country. ARM and these mission organizations also recognize the travel warnings of the US government.
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