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Teams of health care workers and loving volunteers set up temporary mobile medical clinics in rural communities (foreign countries, only). Villagers are able to obtain basic, primary health care and pharmacy services which may be the only affordable health care available to them and their children. Prescription medications follow World Health Organization guidelines for treatment and are purchased with donated funds.
~Donate supplies~

A specific medication formulary is utilized for the consistent care of each patient. Some medications are purchased in the country where the clinic is to be held. Some over-the-counter medications are acquired in the US and carried via suitcases into the country. ALL medications MUST be in-dated and must NOT expire until at least 6-months after the scheduled trip clinics. All medications MUST be in their original packaging and sealed to ensure drug integrity.

Personal care items - bar soap, wash cloths, tooth brushes
Baby care items - powdered formula, baby bottles

~Donate funds~
The cost of medications is a significant part of the mobile medical mission team. Medications purchased in the country of the clinic cost approximately $2000 and medications purchased in the US cost approximately $1000. Financial assistance is most appreciated.

The following positions are needed for a Mobile Medical Team. Contact ARM for specific information related to each position.

Triage Team: A team of 2-3 people (non-medical can be trained for acquiring patient vitals).

Clinicians: 3-4 clinicians (goal is to see 150 patients per day). Experienced nurses may be utilized as clinicians, but should be overseen by a nurse practitioner, physician assistant, or physician for medical questions or advice. All clinicians must have a current medical license.

Pharmacy Team: 2 people are needed to dispense the medications prescribed by the clinicians. At least on of these individuals should be a pharmacist. Members of this team should have a working knowledge of medications and how to make dilutions or alterations in medications as called upon.

ARM serves in cooperation with established international ministries (such as Servants in Fellowship) to send short-term mission teams to areas of need internationally. With missionaries in the field, projects are on-going, contacts are trustworthy and team safety is established.