How You Can Help
The ministry of ARM is nothing without the guidance and care of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Your willingness to intercede on our behalf for the work He is guiding us through is humbling and coveted.

Look through the ministry endeavors of ARM and the areas of need represented. As the Lord leads, we thank you in advance for your partnership in prayer.

ARM Board of Directors
o Wisdom ~ as decisions are made to follow His will for the ministry.
o Godly Leaders ~ Christ-centered men and women, open to His leading.

ARM Friends and Committee Members
o Volunteers ~ willing to join a ministry endeavor to further His will for the ministry.

The Depot ministry
o Donations ~ the right items are available when the need is present.
o Ministry Leaders ~ Christ-centered focus in decision making, open to His leading.
o Volunteers ~ teamwork, sensitivity to needs of others, personal needs

Short term mission teams
o Health, safety, and a serving heart for each team member.
o Team camaraderie, sensitivity and open communication.
o Travel mercies to and from the place of service, and while there.
o Families left at home.
o Endurance for the busy week of service.
o Awareness and sensitivity of possible cultural differences.
o Impact on the people in each project of service:
o Discernment in the treatment of patients for medical teams
o Construction safety and an extra "measure" of strength and health
o Clarity in teaching and ability to communicate Christ's love
o Christ's special touch on the hearts of each team member as they serve.
o Growth in spiritual life, personal devotions, discernment of God's leading.
o Pray for the people being served
- open hearts to Christ
- erase fears of patients during surgeries or etc.
- feel the love of Christ from each team member

Teachers of the Galette School 
o Health, safety.
o Family, home and personal needs
o Patience in teaching, clear teaching ability, love for learning
o Discernment when working with children's needs
o Growth in God's wisdom
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