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~ Teacher Sponsorship Program ~
In Haiti, there are only a few state schools, so parents must pay tuition for their children to attend a private school. Many families cannot afford the costly tuitions, so their children have no opportunity for education, or parents must choose which child to send to school. For less than $30,000/year, a school of 11 teachers/classrooms can provide up to 300 students with quality education. Sponsorships also cover funds for teacher aids, textbooks, school upkeep, government paperwork and exams, and the director's salary.

ARM's Teacher Sponsorship Program is in Galette, a small rural Haitian community 20 miles east of the capital of Port-au-Prince, where the director is committed to his village, his students, and to providing a quality, Christian education.

One-time donations or sustaining sponsorships with a yearly commitment are both welcome. Groups of individuals are encouraged to work together to raise funds to sponsor a teacher.

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Teacher Sponsorship Program.

Libraries are almost non-existent and books in the students' native language of Creole are even harder to find. Bringing the joy of learning through reading is a sub-ministry of the sponsorship program.